Concert Programs

Alloys And Alchemy (Rook’s Core Program)

The early 17th century was a time of innovation and upheaval in musical style, and at its heart stood the church of San Marco in Venice. From the tranquil counterpoint of Giovanni Bassano to the volatile passions of Dario Castello to the envelope-pushing harmonies of Matthias Weckmann, Rook explores this grand diversity of styles through the chamber music influenced by the revolutionary Venetian school.

Instrumentation: Rook alone (violin, trombone, bass violin and harpsichord) This program can also be augmented with a guest artist on another soprano instrument such as violin, recorder or cornetto.

Maestro di cappella (Rook with David Douglass, violin)

Rook expands its core repertoire program with the addition of the pioneering early music violinist David Douglass. Hear more Castello, more dance music, and more amazing early string playing.

Per Amor, Per Natura (Rook with two Sopranos)

Love, nature and death. These timeless human experiences have been the subject of music as far back as we know, but the Italian treatment of them is especially poignant. Rook joins forces with two guest soprano singers to explore the mastery of Claudio Monteverdi, Giaches de Wert, and Heinrich Schütz in their monumental Italian madrigals.

Instrumentation The 4 members of Rook plus two Soprano singers.

Lobet ihn mit Posaunen (Rook with 4 singers SATB)

With Martin Luther’s reformation of the church came a reformation of sacred music. By the 17th century, composers Heinrich Schütz, Johann Hermann Schein, and Samuel Scheidt had transformed the simple chorale tunes into elaborate compositions. Rook joins with chamber choir to reveal the glory of this music, from small gems for solo singers and sublime motets to polychoral masterworks.

Instrumentation: Rook with 4 singers SATB plus cornetto or violin. This program can be enhanced with additional singers.


Rook loves collaborating with other musicians and ensembles and can collaborate on performances of large scale Italian works or provide a colorful continuo section for a choir performing German sacred music. Please contact Jeremy Ward, for more information.